"The Original" Periglow™

A Swiss herbal compress to promote healing the first weeks after giving birth.

The Original Periglow™ and Periglow™ Green are medicinal herbal compresses based on a traditional Swiss formula to promote healing in the first weeks after giving birth. Since 2006, Periglow™ has been handmade with organic ingredients including the herbs and the tea bag. 


During the amazing miracle of birth, the mother and child perform many physical marvels.  The muscles that form the perineum in the pelvic floor are both strong and extremely elastic and must be so to allow women to give birth.  When the perineum is strong, the organs remain firm and healthy; when the perineum is weak, the organs lose cohesiveness.


When the perineum becomes sore or injured during childbirth, it is important that a woman takes time to heal and rejuvenate these precious parts of her body.  It is little wonder that many mothers feel stretched out of shape in the days following the birth of their child.

Each Periglow™ package contains four herbal compresses made with high quality organic herbs to...

  • help relieve any soreness or swelling

  • promote the healing of the perineum including any small tears or tears/incisions closed with stitches postpartum, inside and out

  • apply as a hot compress to the perineum and surrounding tissues




Organic. Natural. Healing.


Copright 2016