Organic Ingredients

Periglow™ herbal compress is made with organic ingredients including the herbs and the teabag.

Promote healing of the perineum and help relieve swelling and soreness after childbirth.

Quality is never sacrificed for price, and Periglow™ is handmade in California with love!

Back by popular demand with the reputable brand many women love and trust.

We appreciate every customer and offer guidance in your healing jorney - come see us!


About Periglow™

Since 2006, "The Original" Periglow™ has been healing new mothers in the state of California through a natural, organic swiss herbal compress. Dr. Pepper Hernandez, a Naturopath and Holistic Healer, is the owner and maker of Periglow™ and very passionate about the health of women and mothers.

Periglow™ can be purchased in packs of four herbal compresses from our website and at many locations throughout northern California.

Our Mission

Our mission is to heal every perineum in California. Periglow™ is a small locally run business with a passion for holistic healing, and our business revolves around this passion.  Using healing herbs in our personal life, we can see the benefits to the overall health of a woman's delicate body. 

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